Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

King of Creation Bookmarks

Bookmarks are $2.50 each set of four and printed on beautiful white parchment style paper. These make beautiful gifts for friends, family and women in prison, detention centers, abuse shelters.

The King of Creation©
The King of Creation kisses me full
on my mouth with His passionate love.
It's better than wine,
and is worth more than oil.

When He says my name
Creation stops to see...
if I will run into His arms.

Though others scoff me loving...
the King of Creation I adore Him.
He ordained me to plant His fields,
to be darkened by the rays of His SON,
to watch over the flocks of the earth.
They are in my tender loving care.

Though I seek Him and sometimes grow weary,
awaiting His coming,
He desires me to make myself ready,
for His appearing.

Though He tarry, I must not wane,
in preparing myself to meet Him.
He will come -- "Suddenly" to get me.
He loves me, he'll never leave me alone or forsake me.

I'm His beloved and He is mine.
He’s the King of Creation and
I am His Queen…Cinderella Released

$2.50 Set of Four plus .62 S & H

Monday, February 23, 2009

Destiny Released Conference CD

$10 Donation

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